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Hi I'm Emily. This isn't my gif but I want Cory to be on here.

INFJ - 20 - Feminist - Socialist - Forever working on internalised prejudices and educating myself on important issues

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Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


i want jewish wizards fighting against the nazis and branding them with swastikas, taking revenge for the slaughter of the six million and fighting in the resistance. i want rabbi wizards in their shetls, making the menorah glow in the dark, even when things were so terrible that they couldnt afford candles because they were essentially trapped. i want the jewish wizards to lead mass rescue missions for the jews in the camps and to fight against the shower of bullets with a shield, with a magic shield marked with the magen david. i want the jews to become David once more, to fight against the Nazi Goliath and prevail with miracles. 

i want hebrew spells. holy magic written in the language of a lost people, exiled from their land. i want kabbalah and i want the zohar to be mentioned, dammit. i want the zohar to be the textbook for jewish wizards and old rabbis with twinkling eyes and i want the golem to rise up from the clay riverbanks of poland and defend its people from the pervading rumors of the blood libel. i want the witch of endor explained and acknowledged as the first necromancer (a WOMAN, no less) and i want rachel and leah being known as expert herbalists because of their expertise with mandrakes and knowing all their magical properties.

i want joseph, the king of dreams, to be known as the greatest of all seers. i want all the prophets to become seers. some willing, some unwilling (cough jonah cough), but all carry out the word of god and the word of the future. i want the arithmancy of the gematria, the deep analysis of the hidden codes of the torah. i want muslim wizards and jewish wizards to excitedly compare commentaries and ideas on the kabbalah during the golden age and celebrate ramadan and hanukkah around the same time with love and respect for each other’s culture. 

i want enchanted violins playing klezmer music and levitated chairs carrying the lucky bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah on their special day, of chicken soup being listed as a viable healing potion. i want a frying pan that erupts with latkes with a whispered spell from its owner. i want a yad to be the treasured silver wand of a rabbi- none of that wood, no. it’s too easy to burn, like the torahs of Kristallnacht, their parchment turning into smoke in the sky. i want a silver yad with the finger of god pointing to the heavens and the hebrew words of ‘I AM THAT I AM’ inscripted on it. 

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the idea that progress towards ~CREATING EQUALITY~~~ is slower than fucking pond scum is bullshit. it’s just an excuse for the privileged to continue having power over the exploited. 


"Whoever he used to be…The guy he is now, I don’t think he’s the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop.”

I’m sorry, is that mushy? Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow.

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KATARA WEEK - August 5th || Day 2 || Matriarch



Disability advocacy is not about encouraging disabled people to succeed in spite of their disabilities: it’s about assuring disabled people that they are valuable regardless of their disability, and regardless of whether or not they succeed.

And also about challenging the idea of what is success, because success looks different for everyone but society promotes a limited idea of what success is.

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"Katara, it’s cold, and snow is melting down my shirt…I’m not happy."
"Zuko, you’re never happy."

This is just the doodle I used for my lighting tutorial.
Poor ZuZu…


"Katara, it’s cold, and snow is melting down my shirt…I’m not happy."

"Zuko, you’re never happy."

This is just the doodle I used for my lighting tutorial.

Poor ZuZu…

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