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Hi I'm Emily. This isn't my gif but I want Cory to be on here.

INFJ - 20 - Feminist - Socialist - Forever working on internalised prejudices and educating myself on important issues

Likes: pretty pictures of my favourite films and tv shows, hedgehogs, kickass women and pretty dresses.

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jesus, it’s like drowning, his eyes, his hair, his eyebrows, his annoyed pout, everything, i am just so over the moon about pre-serum steve, sigh


this is my favourite thing ever oh my god x


this is my favourite thing ever oh my god x

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I was tagged by pollyperks (I assume I was just meant to do the same questions idk it’s late I’m tired)

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The most heartbreaking thing about this scene is that I don’t think this is the first time Steve visited Peggy.



It makes me so happy that this point is brought up: a lot of people lost respect for Fury when he picked a woman as his agent. A lot of people meaning men.

This is support when you notice the majority of the Hydra operatives in The Winter Soldier/Agents of Shield were men: Pierce, the Strike team, all of the supporting techs, the soldiers. I only remember seeing one female agent siding with them visibly, and she was a member of the Strike unit.

And some of the people that Fury trusts the most are Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, and Melinda May. He promotes on merit, and some people just didn’t like that a woman got the job they sucked too much to get. And so some people turned to Hydra.





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